Fri, 04.11.2022

2nd Floor

Faces of Techno

2200-open end
dmg.: 10€ < 00:00 < 13€
DM for guestlist

Line Up:

/// —— line up (a-z) —— ///
B.Side (Panta Rhei)
haze (Kollektiv1632)
Julian Koerndl (Melacholia Ultra, Audiotherapie)
lebr (Kollektiv1632)
malextrek (Kollektiv1632)
Meilenstein (Panta Rhei)
Severin Su (Doctors on Decks, Audiotherapie)
Urbanist (Kollektiv1632)
/// —— line up (time - time) —— ///
22oo-oo:oo Urbanist b2b malextrek
oo:oo-o2:oo haze b2b lebr
o2:oo-o4:oo Julian Koerndl b2b Severin Su
o4:oo-open end B.Side b2b Meilenstein


*pres. by Audiotherapie x Melancholia Ultra x Kollektiv1632 x Panta Rhei
As different as people are, so is music
That’s why collabs are so special - many minds hit on many interpretations of the same thought: offering reasons to let your soul flow and dance like nobody’s judging - 8 Minds, 4 B2B’s, 2 good to be true
Prepare yourself for a night filled with deep tunes, thick beats, melodic techno and just a variety of well chosen nutrition for your ears
sure something you wanna mark in your schedule ❤
_“Music consists of everything unimagined“_
_“It represents unknown realms of being“_
_“This is where we unite“_

/// —— honorables —— ///
Melancholia Ultra
Doctors on Decks
Panta Rhei