Sun, 05.06.2022

2nd Floor

Mission Control /// Vol.1

/// 22.00 – very late /// expense … 10€ /// don`t behave

Line Up:

Panta Rhei 
“Expressive melodies and driving rhythms result in endless euphoria”
||| Momentum
||| B.Side
+ tba

“Driven by the idea of dancing people excited by storytelling in 16 to 32 beats”
||| lebr
||| malextrek
||| Urbanist
||| haze


when the love to music collides with minds of ease when creative heads feel the urge to create when flow meets structure that is what is going to happen at “mission control” vol. 1 at postgarage graz on June 5th. Panta Rhei x KOLLEKTIV1632 builds a step in direction of innovation and bridges it with the craving for good music and unforgettable nights be prepared for some juicy beats, nifty house and driving techhouse all night long We stand for precisely chosen music, the affection to subculture and we love good parties. Join us on our journey through a wide rack of tracks – bring your loved ones