Fri, 15.12.2023

2nd Floor


  • Start: 23:00 Uhr
  • Eintritt: 5€ < 0:00 < 12€


When Cloud Nine and Kollektiv1632 join forces, no foot stays still, and no vibe goes undivided.In this debut, the foundation is laid by ✖️ Pete van Weed (Cloud Nine) who will be accompanied by familiar faces such as ✖️ Urbanist and ✖️ Mugs Bunny. Alongside with our newest member of Kollektiv1632: ✖️ Leon Mar, this night surely deserves to be in your weekend-planWe’re not just involved, we’re pouring our hearts into an unforgettable night loaded with sounds spanning from Afro to Techno and everything in between.
As the world is currently dividing, we stand for unity, integrity and mutual support. It would be a pleasure for all of us to invite you and celebrate respect for each and every one of you.
Yours truly 🖤
Cloud Nine & Kollektiv1632